Who we are

We are the Malta Home School Families (MHSF) a group of Maltese parents who want to home-school their children. As the current legislation stands we are only able to home-school the children who are under age five, however we are interested to pursue this further. Each family has a number of reasons for their inclination to home-school rather than proceed with the traditional and current local public schooling systems. We feel this calling strongly, which adds further value in the care and love we have for our children to grow healthy, connected in themselves and their surroundings. Thus able to sustain themselves adequately as they grow into adulthood and become responsible citizens.

The parents involved in this group come from a variety of backgrounds and experiences with a rich variety of skills, knowledge and abilities. Besides the shared vision to home-schooling, the families over the past years have met and put their abilities and resources together. They enjoy weekly meet ups with their younger children and monthly interactions on diverse field trips and get together for seasonal celebrations which adequately provides for every child and family. As a result, this group has grown into a platform where not only parents and their children with like minded ideas meet and learn, but it offers also support in the various parental challenges, child development and personal growths. The parents share happiness as well as parallel challenges about the benefits all this reaps daily and the value of the position taken. The joy they see and feel in their children is enough to want them to co-create further  keeping central the importance of children to be free, to learn at their own pace and abilities by directly interacting with their rich environments and between themselves. This is cultivating in the children (as their respective parents) a joy for learning and a thirst for knowledge.

The purpose of this blog is to support both the seasoned homeschooler and those new to the system.  Keep people updated about homeschooling, activities, field trips & library days.

If you have any queries please contact us on maltahomeschoolfamilies@gmail.com


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